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Furniture Storage Guide

Quick Furniture Storage Guide

Before packing up your furniture and heading off to your local Self Storage facility in Sydney, make sure you read our storage guide. This will help you get the most out of your storage space and keep all your furniture in top condition. Clean Your Furniture Before Putting it in Storage Cleaning your furniture before



Use Your TETRIS Skills to Store Your Furniture

TETRIS is a popular game that you can play on computers, laptops and on smart phones these days. So if you have been playing Tetris on your phones you can utilise the same principal when you need to store your furniture in self storage units or storing it in a truck while moving. You can


Furniture Storeage

Furniture Storage

There are times when you need to store your furniture. It could be to declutter ready for a house sale, in between house moves, or inheriting a deceased estate. Either way, it pays to think twice before storing your valuable furniture items in the garage or the shed. Wooden furniture and soft furnishings can easily