Use Your TETRIS Skills to Store Your Furniture


TETRIS is a popular game that you can play on computers, laptops and on smart phones these days. So if you have been playing Tetris on your phones you can utilise the same principal when you need to store your furniture in self storage units or storing it in a truck while moving. You can choose truck hire facility from your self storage company.

The idea is to think about ways different shapes in the real world can fit together, such as the boxes, sofas, chairs, tables etc.

In fact, you can use your Tetris skills quite effectively to efficiently store all your stuff in an orderly way inside a self storage facility.

You need to arrange and place each furniture piece in a way where it takes minimum space and creates support for the next piece to follow, This method will ensure that your furniture is stored securely and efficiently in your given space.

Begin by getting a good solid row across the bottom. Visualise the different furniture shapes as per Tetris shapes and how they can be positioned resourcefully into a self storage unit. You can very well implement the same method to efficiently manage any storage space including home storage, closet space, and packing and moving trucks.

Do you want to make more space in your home or office by storing possessions that you don’t use regularly? Or do you want to store your goods for the short term because you’re shifting between homes!

Regardless of your storage requirements, Hills Self Storage in Sydney can assist, and you can also easily upsize or downsize self storage units depending on your precise needs. Moreover, our state of the art storage facilities are located in Castle Hill, Galston.