Forklift Services

Forklift Services - Business Self Storage
Forklift Services

Forklift services for business self storage in Sydney. Our free forklift services offer not only efficiency to small business but also save the business itself of having to purchase and operate one themselves. Our licensed and experienced staff will unload and load trucks on a regular basis and stack your pallets either inside or as close as practically possible to your storage unit. 

We also have a container ramp that allows us to drive our forklift up into containers and load and unload pallets. Extra long tines are also available for odd shaped or longer products. 

We also have exchange CHEP and LOSCAM pallets.

Forklift Services
  • Free Forklift Services
  • Extendable Forks
  • Container Ramp
  • Licensed Operators
  • Multifunction Forklifts
  • Pallet Exchange
  • Up to 2.5 Tonne