Quality Storage Environment - Personal Storage

Quality Self Storage Buildings and Environment

Hills Self Storage Buildings are designed and built to store your personal goods and furniture in the best possible environment. All Self Storage units are located in buildings that are of quality steel, brick and concrete construction. All our self storage buildings are fully insulated and ventilated allowing for consistent storage conditions all year round. We meet the strict fire code requirements with regular inspections carried out. Unlike many self storage facilities all our self storage units are fully covered with steel sheeting whereas many places use mesh that allows for significant dust build up on your personal goods. Hallways are extremely well lit at all our faciities allowing for easy storage and removal from your storage unit. 

We have a strict maintenance and cleaning program that keeps all our self storage properties in mint condition. Ongoing pest control is carried out by a local professional on a regular basis.

Quality Self Storage
  • Modern Buildings
  • Fully Covered Units
  • Regular Pest Control
  • Ventilated Buildings
  • Insulated Buildings
  • Maintenance Program
  • Extremely Clean
  • Plenty of Light