frequently asked Self Storage questions

  • Are you accepting deliveries?

    Yes, we accept deliveries and send you an SMS when it arrives. This is offered to you as a Free Service and no responsibility is taken for short, damaged or undelivered items.  

  • What can't I put into storage?

    You can store almost anything you want. The only exceptions are - Hazardous and Flammable Materials, Illegal or Stolen Goods, Firearms or Explosives, Foodstuffs or Organic Material.

  • What do I need to do to move out?

    We just ask that you give us 7 days notice on your move out. Within 7 days of you moving out, we will also refund any money that you have paid in advance. 

  • What is the minimum time I can store with you?

    1 day but we generally have a minimum charge of 1 month rent. We may reduce the minimum charge in certain circumstances. Please contact us for further information.

  • Can I transfer to another space if I find out that the one I am in does not suit my needs?

    Yes you can and your monthly unit rental amount will be altered to suit the size you move into. 

  • How do I get my things to you?

    You can bring them down yourself in your own vehicle or you can borrow our free trailer or make use of our free move-in assistance service. Alternatively, we can recommend quality and reliable local removalists to help you with your move. 

  • Can someone else access my space?

    Only with written authority from you, we will allow someone else to access your space and so long as they also have a key. 

  • When can I get to my things?

    Refer to our Contact Us page for current access times.

  • Are there any extra costs?

    The price you are quoted includes your storage charges and GST. You will need a padlock to secure your unit. For insurance, you may already have a home contents policy that will cover you whilst in storage, let your insurance company know that you are storing with us and you should be covered. If not, we offer Insurance at extremely competitive rates through QBE.

  • How can I pay?

    You can pay through Cash, Cheque, Master Card, Visa, EFTPOS, and Direct Credit. Payments can also be made in person, over the phone, via our website or by post.

  • How often do I need to pay?

    Payment is one month in advance on move in and then on the anniversary date of each month thereafter. If you pay for 6 months or more in advance further discounts may apply.

  • Do I need my own Padlock?

    Yes, you need your own padlock, that way you’re guaranteed to be the only person who has a key. 

  • What can’t I store?

    You can store almost anything you want, the only exceptions are: Hazardous and Flammable Materials, Illegal or Stolen Goods, Firearms or Explosives, Foodstuffs or Organic Material.