4 Essential Steps in Efficient Furniture Storage


When you feel more furniture in your home than you require or furniture has taken up all the space, the time has come to do some introspection. See how you can free up some space so that your home doesn’t look cluttered and you can move around with ease.

With the assistance of Self-Storage in Sydney, you can effortlessly create more space in your home without forfeiting the furniture pieces you love. Here, you will learn how to prepare your furniture for long-term self-storage to keep them in the same immaculate condition as when you had left them.

1. Groundwork

Thoroughly clean each of your furniture pieces before storing them. You will need a clean cloth and cleaners suitable for furniture material to clean them. Refrain from using harsh chemicals on any furniture piece, particularly antique pieces. After cleaning furniture is over, keep them in a ventilated area, so they get dry before you can pack them for long-term storage.

2. Taking Apart & Making Everything Ready for Transportation

Heavier or larger furniture like dining tables, couches and dressers should be taken apart for safe transportation and to keep them in the same condition for orderly storage at the self-storage facility. Categorising and labelling your furniture will help you remain organised and make things easier at the storage facility when you want to unload them.

Vital Tips: 

  • Keep all accessories, including manufacturer’s instructions, keys and remotes, in a separate container.
  • Empty drawers, cabinets, and wardrobes to lessen weight and avert any damage.
  • Remember to take photographs of the pieces when you dismantle furniture, which will help you with its reassembly.

3. Packing Furniture 

Before or after transportation, it is imperative to pack your furniture using suitable materials before placing it into the self-storage unit. Bubble wrap packing is vital for delicate and fragile items. Avoid plastic packaging for antiques, wood items and certain fabrics, as it can suffocate the material. Use covers or sheets to protect the furniture from dust, letting furniture breathe.

At Hills Self Storage, we supply an array of packing boxes and materials to assist you with your storage requirements. Furthermore, ask our expert and friendly team about efficient furniture packing for long-term safe storage.

4. Furniture Storage

Make it a point to leave space between your furniture pieces so air can easily flow between them and minimise accidental damage to the furniture pieces when you’re trying to take things out later. Nonetheless, don’t try to place too many items into your storage unit because furniture can get dented or broken in the long term. 

Choose a Reliable Self-Storage in Sydney

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  • Once you select Hills Self Storage for your furniture storage in Sydney, breathe easy as your furniture will remain in the same condition (as you have left them in self-storage) till when you need them.

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