Furniture Storage

3 Bedroom Unit 4.0 x 3.0 High

There are times when you need to store your furniture. It could be to declutter ready for a house sale, in between house moves, or inheriting a deceased estate. Either way, it pays to think twice before storing your valuable furniture items in the garage or the shed.

Wooden furniture and soft furnishings can easily fade, warp and start to grow mould if they are not stored in a well ventilated, waterproofed area. This is where a self-storage facility becomes your best option.

Tips before you store:-

  • plan the amount of storage you will need, how will you stack and store?

  • Wrap and cover your items with blankets or sheets to protect them from scratches and marks when moving and storing.

  • Pop a couple of moth balls and a freshener disc in with your soft furnishings to prevent moth eaten holes and a musty smell.

  • Look for a storage facility with flexible options on rental time and sizing.

Get out and visit your local self storage facility! Gone are the days of dark, drafty lockups and gruff storage facility staff. These days storage is state of that art! Larger, professional self storage facilities sometimes also help you move your items by arriving at your home with a furniture trailer, helping you load and pack and move for free!

properly. It’s cheaper than you think and will prevent the loss of treasured items.