Decluttering Your Home with the Assistance of a Self Storage Facility

To declutter your home, the first step is to identify the belongings that you don’t always use.

Decluttering Your Home

[A] Items that have seasonal use only

Your home will certainly have items that are used during particular seasons such as Christmas decorations, winter and summer clothes, lawn mowing equipment, boats or all-terrain vehicles, and sporting goods. These are the possessions that are normally kept in the cupboard, basement or garage in the down time.

[B] Items stored because of sentimental value

There are certain items that you store because of sentimental or personal value attached to it but never use them – these may include personal items like collectibles, family heirlooms, photo albums, antiques and furniture which you maybe keeping for use later on.

[C] Junk items

Junk items are the things that you possess but you can’t use or you don’t need them anymore – it includes broken items, belongings that have no personal value attached to them and things that you never use. You can sell, donate or get rid of them by discarding them.

Once you have sorted your clutter, it’s time to find a self storage unit for the belongings you want to store.

Find a self storage facility so that you can store your belongings safely and access them whenever you want.

The Location of Self Storage Facility

If you’re storing items that you would rarely need then it’s fine to use a storage facility which may be a bit of a drive from your home. However, if you’re storing items that you may need on a regular basis, then it is better to find a storage facility that is close by.

Self storage facilities provide several features; however, the important ones are mentioned below:

  1. Storage Units in Quality Buildings
    Storing furniture in quality buildings that are ventilated and insulated is important for the long term storage of furniture.

  2. Secure Storage Units
    No matter what you’re storing in the self storage units – be it your furniture or family heirlooms, you’ll want to have storage facility where your belongings are secure. Quality Self Storage Facilities are using the latest in security technology to protect your goods.

  3. Pick UP and Free Trailer Hire OR Truck Hire Facilities
    Many self storage companies provide free pickup and trailer hire OR Truck Hire facility for those people who want to declutter their home, moving out of houses or want to use self storage services of the company.

Finally – Choosing Self Storage Units

Once you have finalised your belongings for keeping in a storage facility, it will help you to choose the size of the storage unit that you’ll need for storing all your belongings, without paying for more space than you need.

Remember there are usually various options available at a self storage facility.

Hills Self Storage provides many features to give you complete peace of mind including insurance options and 24-hour camera surveillance for your belongings. Hills Self Storage is a Sydney based business having self-storage facilities in three locations in Castle Hill and Galston facilitating business and personal storage as well as wine, boat, caravan, and car storage.