3 Clever Self Storage Tips When Your Moving House

Moving house and needing to relocated everything right from the ground to the roof is certainly a mammoth task. The interesting part is you’ll never believe how much stuff you have collected over the years, until you have the overwhelming task of organising, packing and moving every item, all in one fine day.

Moving House

Nevertheless, there is help available. Using self storage units can make your experience of moving house a lot less stressful. If relocating is on your cards, then here are three vital tips you need to know:

1. You Don’t Need to Move It All at Once

We all dread the gargantuan job of packing and moving all your belongings. But if you can start in advance and pack your rooms ahead of the big move, your workload will be a lot less.

Moving your items in a self storage facility in phases means your big move, won’t be near as big or stressful and gives you plenty of time to move the rest of your goods into your new home, well after you have settled in.

2. Declutter Your House to Get Top Dollar for Your Sale

Packing and Moving Belongings

If you are selling your house, it is important that your house gives an open and spacious feel when potential buyers come to visit. Over the years you may have collected a lot of stuff, filling up your living rooms, garage, and other storerooms. Clearing these items early, not only makes your move a lot easier but will help you attract a larger number of interested buyers. Two important steps to remember are:

Step 1: Get rid of all your unused clutter. Being ruthless during your spring cleaning will only leave you with the items you really need. This means you don’t have as much to move and will save you lots of time and money when relocating to your new house.

Step 2: Contact your local storage facility and hire out furniture storage in Sydney. Store all your furniture and other items that you won’t need until moving into your new house. This frees up essential space in your house, which helps increase its unique selling point to attract the right buyer. It also makes your experience of selling your house and moving into a new house more organised and a lot less stressful.

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3. Using Self Storage Will Make Your Move That Much Simpler

Imagine moving all your belongings into your new house on the day you enter your new home, with your removals van right behind you ready to unload all your stuff. Doing this in one big effort means you won’t have time to clean and properly inspect your new house until everything has been unpacked.

Using a self storage facility to store your goods beforehand gives you plenty of time to inspect and fix any plumbing or electrical issues and make other final touches that your new home requires. You can then move in your goods and organise your new house, just the way you would like it.

Furthermore, you can use the “Truck Hire” services from any of our experienced self storage facilities. This comes with blankets, ropes, a fridge trolley, and tail lift to help to lift the heavy items, making the job even easier.

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So next time your selling your house or just moving, keep these great tips in mind to help the whole process flow smoothly and be a lot less stressful.