Why Should You Use Our Free Truck & Driver Move-In Service?

There are many benefits that come with hiring a storage unit at Hills Storage.  All our centres provide multi video surveillance and have controlled access via individualised PIN codes and each unit is individually alarmed.  Customers have access to their unit 7 days a week and some centres provide 24-hour access.  But, an often overlooked benefit that Hills Storage offers all new customers is the use of our FREE truck and driver service.  That’s right!  A freebie for just becoming part of the Hills Storage family.  Here some of the benefits of using our FREE service.

Our FREE truck and driver service is a handy way of getting your goods to our storage centre without the need of having to hire a truck yourself.  So, instead of spending time on trying to find the most competitive pricing on truck rentals, you can let us take care of your transportation needs.  By the way, it also eliminates the need of having to navigate through busy Sydney roads while driving a big 3 tonne truck.

Free Truck Driver Service by Hills Self Storage

Some people choose not to own a car and then borrow one when the need arises. Having to rely on someone else can prove to be a logistical nightmare especially when trying to co-ordinate a move into a storage unit. In these cases, it becomes much easier for you when we provide the transportation from your place back to ours.

You’ve probably heard the old saying the right tools for the job’.  Well, we also provide you with ‘the right tools for the job’ and at no additional cost.  These include protective furniture blanks, fridge trolleys and straps to secure your goods once they’re loaded onto the truck.  As an added bonus, all our drivers are experienced storage consultants so they can provide you with expert advice on the best way to pack and load the truck and then your storage unit.

Today everyone is so busy.  Making serval trips in the family car, or with a trailer, to bring your goods into your storage unit can be time consuming. Who has the time?  Our 3 tonne trucks are big enough to fit all kinds of furniture, boxes and sporting equipment.  You can be more economical with your time by making one trip from home to storage.

  • Our Free Truck & Driver service is available on weekdays only.
  • Available to all new customers moving in within a 20km radius of our facilities (Further distances assessed at the time of booking).
  • Choose between a morning or afternoon service and our driver will bring the truck to your location, you simply load it, follow us back to your chosen Hills Self Storage facility and then unload it.
  • You’ll need to stay for a minimum of 2 months at any of our 4 storage centres.
  • The FREE service is based on availability.

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In closing, Hills Storage is a family run business providing good old-fashioned service and value. Our FREE truck and driver service is yet another way we can offer you convenience and savings so when you think ‘Self Storage’, you’ll think Hills Self Storage.