Wine Cellaring Is an Art

Wine Cellaring Infographic


Wine enthusiasts will certainly require wine cellars to preserve their wine collection. And modern wine cellars are inspired and intended precisely for the wine collector. To facilitate the wine to mature, vital factors such as humidity and temperature should be maintained. As they mature, flavour, fragrance and complexity of many wines get better apart from maintaining its quality when preserved in the right atmosphere.

Not All Wines Are Intended For Aging

About 90% of all wine prepared needs to be consumed immediately while it remains fresh and new.

Why Are Wine Bottles Kept Sideways?

In order to facilitate sedimentation and keep the cork wet, wine bottles should be kept sideways- this will cause the wine to always remain in contact with the cork.


In any wine cellar, the most significant factor is the temperature. The most favourable temperature to store wine is around 13 degrees Celsius. But it is consistency of temperature that is most important.


In order to keep the corks in durable condition, moderate humidity is essential. It shields the corks and avoids its shrinking. Though 50–80% relative humidity is good enough, 70% humidity is recommended.


In any wine cellar, natural light must be kept awayas it can age a bottle of wine too soon.

What’s in the wine?

Making wine is a difficult process, but it just involves 3 constituents – yeast, grapes and water. Yeast takes in the sugars present in the grapes and changes them into alcohol.

1 Bottle of Wine Contains 1.27 Kilograms of Grapes!

Wine’s Aging Process

Bouquet of the wine will get more developed and multi-layered as a wine starts to age. In a young and fresh wine, a taster may be able to spot a few fruit notes. However, numerous different fruit, earthy, floral, oak and mineral derived notes will be spotted in a more intricate wine. The lingering finish of a wine will grow and gradually the wine will attain a point of maturity when it’s said to be at its crest.

The Scent Of Young Wine Is Known As “Aroma” Whereas A More Mature Wine Offers A More Subtle “Bouquet”.

About Serving Wines

7.22° Celsius
Most of the white wines should be served at 7.22° Celsius. For instance – Rieslings, Sauvignon Blancs, Chardonnays & Loire Wines. (If it’s served colder than this, its flavours and aromas will be minimised).
10° Celsius
White wines that are full bodied should be served at 10° Celsius. For instance – Rich white Burgundies, Sauternes, and Light red wines like Beaujolais.
15.55° Celsius
Most red wines should be served at 15.55° Celsius. For instance –Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah/Shiraz, Rhones, Zinfandel, and Bordeaux. 

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