Why You Need A Car Storage Facility?

There are many reasons why you may want to consider putting your car or vehicle in storage. If you have a vintage car, you will want to keep it in as pristine condition as possible or, if you are going away traveling you will want peace of mind that your vehicle is safe, protected and will be there when you get back.

Before you do put your car in storage for any length of time it is worth ticking off this ten point checklist which will keep your car in great condition and ready to drive when you need it:-

Car Storage Sydney

1. Fill the tank with fresh fuel. This keeps the fuel tank moist and is particularly helpful if you are storing older vehicles or vintage models.

2. Purchase some fuel stabiliser. This can be bought from any reputable car accessories store and will extend the life of your fuel and extend its shelf life before the minerals begin to break down.

3. Minerals tend to break down in all car fluids over time. Change your washing fluids and coolants before you store your car so the fluids are fresh.

4. Spray some WD40 on the hinges of doors and door locks to stop them seizing up when you return to your vehicle.

5. Clean all of the connections; this is particularly important if you are leaving the car for a long period of time such as travel.

6. Wash your car inside and out to remove any debris and prevent any nasty smells when the time comes to pick up your car.

7. Any car left either inside or outside can be at risk of mice, cockroaches and other creepy crawlies which can tear and eat away the car interiors. Leave a few mothballs around your car to protect it from pest infestation.

8. Purchase a thick, waterproof car cover to stop the weather damaging the paintwork. Choose a car cover which fits your car perfectly with no gaps where leaks, dust and debris can get into.

9. Remove the battery. If the car is not turned over regularly the battery will run flat, disconnect the battery to prevent this happening.

10. If you are travelling away for a long time then remember to jack up your car to take the pressure off the wheels and stop flat tyres greeting you when you return.

Choose a car storage facility in Sydney which really takes care of your car, protects it with round the clock security and gives you 24/7 access to it when you need it. Contact Hills Self Storage today, the experts in car storage and can talk you through any questions you may have.

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