Top 7 Benefits of Private Flexible Office Space Rentals


Starting your business requires unique ideas, the right people to execute those ideas and space. Finding the space may get trickier as the rent is very high. Here, small flexi offices with storage options can be of great help.

Renting office space provide many benefits for any business owner. At Hills Self Storage, we provide many amenities for running a back office for any business at cost-effective rates. Here are the top seven benefits of renting a flexible office space.

1. Ideal for Startups or Growing Businesses

Businesses require time to thrive. Initially, you may have people to work from a home or basement but not enough people to occupy a full-fledged office. So renting an office space can help you through those growing periods or till you need a bigger space.

2. Help Run An Online Business

You’ll often need to maintain loads of merchandise when running an online e-commerce business. If you want customers to avoid visiting your store, renting office space will facilitate you to manage your business without paying high prices for real estate. It will also allow you to work freely, as your inventory won’t seize valuable space in your home or basement.

3. Facilitates Quick Move-In

Everything is ready before you move into an existing flexi office space. All amenities, furniture, equipment and services are included in the rental plan for using the space. If you’re a small startup or an established company that wants to expand but can’t wait for the new infrastructure, renting a flexi office gives you fully furnished office space where you can start working immediately. 

4. Opportunities for Networking Increases

When you work from rental offices, you’ll be sharing space with other businesses and individuals, thus, increasing your networking opportunities with them. It will give your organisation more exposure, possibly gaining new business. Furthermore, it enables you to foster new business relationships and find valuable tools, freelancers, consultants and agencies.

5. It Helps in Keeping Your Home and Work Life Separate

Working from home has benefits, but it’s easy to lose focus. And as your workspace occupies your personal space, you may be tempted to work continuously. So private flexi rental space can help you to remain focused and productive and aid in keeping your home and work life separate.

6. Renting Flexi Office in the Best Location Can Greatly Help

You should rent a flexi office space close to your clients to cut your annual costs, as it will make sense logistically. Thus, setting up your commercial office space in your most convenient locality will help save you money and time.

7. Affordable

Capital is required to start and maintain a business. Hills Self Storage provides flexi office space for rent, a convenient option that costs less than regular real estate. We provide amenities like seven days of access, car parking, free WiFi, a meeting room with a big TV screen and air conditioning. You get access to all these amenities at an affordable cost, and you can use flexi office space whenever you want and for any duration.

Final Thoughts

Renting small flexible office space with storage is a good option for startups or growing businesses. It eliminates waiting time and helps business owners to run their business from a flexi office space until the time their business sets in and they are in a position to hire or built commercial space for their business. 

If you’re looking to rent a private, flexible office space in Galston, contact Hills Self Storage at 02 8850 0770, and one of our experienced and friendly teams will be delighted to help you.

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