Top 6 Advantages Of A Professional Wine Storage Facility


If you’re a wine enthusiast and love to collect and maintain a wine collection, you might know that preserving wine in perfect conditions is vital for it to mature ideally. Storing at home is not an option if your wine collection exceeds a few bottles, as it won’t fit in your small wine cooler. 

Here are the top six advantages of storing your precious wine collection in an external, climate-controlled wine storage facility like Hills Self Storage:

1. Space

It isn’t easy to fit everything inside your home, such as furniture, kids’ bikes, spare couch etc. Making room for a wine collection may not be feasible in such a scenario. If you’re short of space, you can store your wine collection in a purpose-built external wine storage facility like Hills Self Storage.

2. Conditions

Wine is an expensive and delicate item. Many things can affect the wine. Temperature is critical, and wine can get involved by exposure to humidity fluctuations, light and disturbances. When adding a new collection, if you find yourself rearranging your wine collection, you may also want to figure out the damage you’re doing to it. There is a better and more accessible option to store your precious wine collection at an external climate-controlled wine storage facility like Hills Self Storage, which will help your wine collection mature safely.

3. Security

 An extensive wine collection can become exceedingly valuable. And unique aged-vintage wine collection can get extremely pricier where security becomes a real issue. Self-storage facilities like Hills Self Storage are safeguarded 24/7 by multiple layers of security, including locked doors, cameras and guards. So your treasured wine collection will be safe and sound as they mature.

4. Convenience

A professional wine storage cellar will provide easy access, so you can quickly grab a bottle or two to indulge or enjoy with your friends whenever you need it. External wine storage facility like Hills Self Storage has a pleasant atmosphere. If your actual wine cellar is dark, moist and does not have proper security, then you should think of making a shift to professional wine storage that provides quality services.

5. Cost

It is all right if you’re storing only a handful of wine bottles at your home. However, if you’re trying to keep more wine bottles in your home, it could be expensive in the long run. And once you upgrade from a simple kitchen wine cooler, you may eventually spend as much on the appliance as you do on the wine. You will see the benefit when you compare these costs to renting a wine storage unit, even for a few cases.

6. Insuring Your Precious Wine Collection

You may find it challenging to provide an insurance cover for a wine collection stored in your home. However, protecting your wine collection with an insurance cover is easier when stored in a secure external wine storage facility.

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