Tips for Organising & Categorising Your Belongings for Self Storage

When it comes to storing your belongings in a self storage unit either for the short-term or long-term, it pays to systematically organise and categorise your belongings so that it is easier to access when required. Here are some handy tips to arrange your items for easy storage.

1. Firstly, gather all the items that you intend to put into storage and designated area. Now, separate these belongings into three categories.

(i) Things you would not require Sorting Goods in Personal Storage Units

This category includes all the things that you will not require at all such as – unused throw pillows (used for decorative purposes), keepsakes (something of sentimental value) and furniture that you won’t be using.

(ii) Things you may need occasionally

In this second category, gather all the things that you would not use regularly such as – infrequently-worn clothing, extra home decorations and kitchen supplies.

(iii) Things you may need several times a year

This third category is for all those items that you may need several times a year. For instance, winter coats, seasonal decorations and sporting or camping goods.

2. Sort into boxes

After separating all your belongings into three categories, you need to make up boxes for each group. This way you can place each category of goods into to the correct box. Buy moving packs and self-storage boxes online for your belongigns. You can Read our full article on goods packing tips here

3. Create a spreadsheet

Create a Spreadsheet

If you want to get even more organised you can create a spreadsheet for each of the packing the boxes. Create a page for each box; while you pack. When you have filled each box, print out each list and affix it to the outside of the corresponding box. This will help you to locate your items faster; for instance, after six months when you aren’t able to find your electric toaster.You’ll be able to check swiftly and see whether it is in the self-storage unit and if so then in which box.

4. Arrange carefully with foresight

You have packed your boxes, made your lists and have loaded up the moving truck. What’s next? Organising your belongings into your storage unit!

Organised Belongings

Remember how you divided your belongings into three categories? Let this system guide you as you place the goods into your self storage unit.

  • Place category one item in the least accessible areas such as on the highest shelves, on the bottom of the box piles, and towards the back of the unit.
  • Then place category two boxes in and around the category ones.
  • Lastly, place the boxes and items you will need most in easily accessible areas towards the front of the self storage unit.

With each box, ensure your lists and box numbers are facing out and are noticeable easily. This will allow you to search for your items whenever you need them in the future.

Hey presto – an organised and convenient storage space!

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