Sydney Metropolitan Area Truck Hire. Now at Hills Self Storage

Hills Self Storage is excited to introduce our new truck hire facility in the Sydney metropolitan area. A car license is all you need to hire one of our new trucks, making it accessible to almost everybody. Each truck is conveniently equipped with blankets, ropes and a fridge trolley, at no extra charge. And all our trucks include a hydraulic tail lift to take care of that heavy lifting.

Truck Hire Facility in Sydney Metropolitan Area

All our trucks come with automatic transmission and fitted with a reversing camera to make driving as safe and comfortable as possible. In the unlikely event of a breakdown, 24-hour roadside assistance is also provided.

While this is only for the Sydney Metropolitan area, further distances may be considered upon request. Insurance is provided, with an option to reduce the excess. Further charges may apply so check with your friendly store manager for further details.

There are many reasons why you’ll need to use our truck service such as:

  • You need to move at short notice.
  • No suitable removalist options were available.
  • Other truck hire options were not available.

If for any reason you were unable to hire a truck to move your belongings into storage, there’s no need to panic. Hills Self Storage can provide truck hire at a reasonable rate to make your move easier and more comfortable.

For more information or to book your truck hire, contact our friendly staff at Hills Self Storage Sydney or visit our Truck Hire web page.

Here is the video guide about How to Operate a Tail Lift