Shipping Container Handling SpecialistsIn the lead up to Christmas, yes Christmas already many business are starting to get their extra stock in for the silly season. Both our Galston and Castle Hill facilities specialise in handling both 20FT and 40FT Shipping Containers. We have big wide driveways where you generally get your containers parked or dropped off with a side loader near your self storage unit.

Some customers then just hand unpack their containers straight into their storage units using trolleys or pallet jacks or they may use our container ramp and take advantage of our forklift services. Both self storage facilities have a container forklift that allows us to drive up into containers and unload pallets quickly and stack them into your self storage unit efficiently.

Many of our long term business self storage customers have at least one storage unit most of the year round but during this busy period where they are carrying extra stock for a short period just take on additional storage space for the time they need. They are not locked into any long term contract and are only paying for the space they need.

There are not many self storage facilities that are built or will allow shipping containers to be delivered to or let alone be dropped off on site for a day or so why they are unloaded. That’s just one of the things that separates Hills Self Storage from the rest.

Our ability to service our small business customers with flexible self storage solutions at affordable rates is what attracts small business to self storage over traditional warehouse leases.

Shipping Container deliveries are also not restricted to business customers. We have many containers arrive from overseas or interstate full of personal goods that are then stacked into a self storage unit. The is then allows the customer to have regular and easy access to their goods.

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