Is Running Wine Storage Feasible for Your Small Self-Storage Location?


These days, customers want to access a large wine variety, all within proximity. Unarguably, it’s a flourishing business for private wine collectors, restaurant owners and retailers, so they get into bulk purchasing from wineries around the globe.

So where are they storing their wine?

Some wine collectors and businesses still try to store their wine in-house. Well, if you’re one such wine storage facility owner, it’s time to reconsider the demand for wine storage and decide if it’s still a feasible service to run at your small location.

Wine Collectors & Retailers as Customers

Wine collectors and retailers are concerned about their wine collection. They have considered the benefits and drawbacks of storing their wine in-house. And what they have found is mentioned below:

  • Wine cellars are a pricier option; their humidifiers can exhaust and tire out and is pricier to replace.
  • Wine refrigerators can accommodate between 10 and 250 bottles only, and they don’t possess humidity control; they cannot hold larger magnum and champagne bottles.

In-House Wine Storage Exhibits Risks & High Maintenance Costs

The risks and high maintenance for in-house storage are serious obstacles for this class. They have particular goals to accomplish, so they are ready to invest extra money to realise them. And they are expecting decent wine storage that has balanced humidity levels and consistent temperature.

External or Offsite Wine Storage Services

Wine collectors and retailers will need wine storage services for the long term. From a business perspective, what they want is consistency. They need a permanent place to store their wine for many years to come. That means they want to stick with a storage facility for the long-term, so it is convenient to manage their wine collection or operate their business. Wine-storage operators provide many features, including stability, security and loss prevention, which attracts this class of customers, as they find value in it!

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[A] Stability

  • Wine collectors and retailers’ major worry is the inability to provide around-the-clock continuous supervision for their wine collections. Wine storage services make them feel more secure and relaxed by guaranteeing their wine will always be taken good care of. For instance, they facilitate backup generators to provide wine collection with a consistent temperature even at times of an emergency.
  • Another advantage for customers is origin! Wine storage facilities offer a record of the historical climate, which is a distinctive selling point for anyone buying the wine. If there is a record to show concerning how it has been properly stored, then the value of wine goes up.
  • Besides, collectors value that a wine storage service can accept shipments on their behalf regularly.

[B] Security

External wine storage units are systematically constructed, so they can conceal what is stored behind them. The goods stored in such self-storage units are secure. Besides, wine storage operators provide retailers with the exclusivity required to access their products and provide more privacy.

[C] Loss Prevention

An expensive bottle of wine can go missing, especially in a retail or restaurant setting. A retailer might stock several wine bottles of an exclusive label that may have to sit months before it is bought by the customers. So from the time the bottles are stocked till it is sold, a record has to be maintained concerning its movement, which is not easy to maintain when the wine is continuously moving in and out of the retail store. Regrettably, the biggest source of shrinkage happens within a business.

A practical way to avoid wine loss is to keep only a few bottles of each label at the retail store. The remaining should be stored at an offsite storage facility where the proper record is maintained concerning when it was brought to the facility or taken out, and in what quantity.

Final Thoughts!

The bottom line is whether your facility would gain by offering wine storage solutions to your customers! Besides, a wine lover is the type of customer who won’t mind spending extra to enhance the value and quality of his wine collection. Aiming wine lovers can foster new business relations and opens the door for a more elite clientele. It can position your storage facility systematically and establish you as a well-groomed wine storage provider!

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