Is Garage Or Self-Storage Perfect For Your Storage Needs?

Is Garage Or Self-Storage Perfect For You

When homeowners want to store extra stuff, the only option is in their closets or garage, but the space is often limited. Many homeowners end up storing miscellaneous items, such as unused equipment, seasonal decor etc., in their garage, which is often shared by vehicles. While garage space can be helpful and cost-efficient, it’s the only alternative for additional storage space for homeowners. Self-storage is another reliable and cost-effective option that is secure, safe and climate-controlled, and you can rent the self-storage unit of your choice for as long as you want it. 

Here, we have compared garage storage and self-storage, which will help you choose the right option to store your belongings.

Security & Safety

Hiring a unit from a self-storage facility means relying on clean and safe conditions. You can’t keep valuable items in the garage as they are susceptible to theft. Here, a storage facility is a better place to keep valuable items as they aren’t susceptible to theft. Self-storage facilities maintain a high level of security compared to your home garage, and they often include surveillance cameras, a monitored alarm system and lights to deter thieves. So when choosing between the two storage options – home garage and self-storage facility, you need to consider the value of items and choose wisely. For instance, consider choosing a self-storage unit if the items are valuable.


Having a garage space for additional storage is a blessing because you can access your belongings whenever you need them without going anywhere. Nonetheless, only some are lucky to have a garage space; some may even have one, but they will find them fully occupied. In such a scenario, you’ll find a self-storage unit as a convenient option and often find them within a reasonable distance from your home.

At Hills Self Storage, our locations are easily accessible to people residing in and around Castle Hill, Galston and Rouse Hill. And our site is protected with PIN security gate access for your safety and convenience. It is prudent to store items you use less frequently in a self-storage unit, whereas you can place the ones you use more regularly in your garage.

Climate Control 

Your home garage may be a convenient and easy-to-reach storage option, but it doesn’t have a climate-controlled atmosphere that self-storage facilities can provide. It is vital, primarily if you reside in a region experiencing high humidity or frequent temperature fluctuations that can damage your belongings. Moisture and humidity can damage anything from wood, furniture, electronics, jewellery and documents. By choosing climate-controlled self-storage, you can keep your belongings safe from the outside elements.

Space Limitations

Self-Storage offers different-sized units for rent, and you can hire as needed. In contrast, the size of a garage will be limited and most likely have to be shared with a bike, car and lawn mower, leaving less room for anything else. If you need more space than your garage provides, you’ll need to hire self-storage units for long-term storage.

Cost Effectiveness

Both garage and self-storage are affordable options, but we usually think a garage is a cheaper alternative to store items, as you don’t have to pay to store them in your home garage. Nevertheless, you’ll have to pay monthly rental fees for storing your belongings in a self-storage unit, which will be more expensive than storing them in your home garage, but you’ll get more peace of mind. That’s because established storage facilities assure security and perfect conditions for the items stored in the self-storage units protecting them from theft, damage, fire or floods. So when you consider this aspect, the money you spend on storage unit fees may be well worth it.

Wrapping Up

Space is limited in many homes. Possibly, you’ve used all the space in your garage and closets and may be looking for another affordable alternative to store your belongings and keep them safe from the elements and theft. It is especially true if you rent an apartment or own a condo with no garage. In such scenarios, it’s even more essential to find climate-controlled, secure and safe storage options you can depend on.

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