What Factors Determine The Price You’ll Pay for Self-Storage?

Storage prices for the same size unit vary from facility to facility.  This is because of several factors like location, unit size and position, convenience and duration of your stay.


Storage costs will differ the closer a facility is located to the city.  The reasoning is that real estate prices are far cheaper in the outskirts than they are closer to heavily populated areas.  If you are planning on long term storage without the need of regular access to your goods, a great way to save some money would be to choose a shop storage facilities at least 30 minutes from your home.

Unit Size

Choosing a storage unit that is right for you.  Taking advantage of the volume of your unit can lead to huge savings.  This can be done by using uniform size boxes that stack well and placing large items in a strategic way.  Another important way to maximise your space would be to disassemble your furniture and cut back on bulk.

Unit Position

Prices for a business storage unit will depend on its location within the storage facility.  Many modern facilities have indoor units located on the ground floor or the first floor and other units with drive-up access.  The same size unit located on the first floor will be much cheaper than a unit located on the ground floor.  Furthermore, a unit where you are able to drive your vehicle up to its entrance will cost a little more.


You may be tempted to select a storage unit based on the cheapest quote provided.  Selecting the right storage provider and unit however ensures that your specific needs are met.  Does the facility offer you plenty of parking, flexibility to upsize/downsize as your needs change, climate control options or knowledgeable and helpful storage consultants?  These factors along with how easy it is to travel to a storage facility are important factors when considering the price of a storage unit.


The minimum period of storage is usually one month. Some self-storage centres offer the option of discounts for longer rental periods.  Hills Self Storage can offer further discounts of 5% on your total rent when you pay your fees 6 months in advance.  Moreover, some storage centres have a bi-annual rent increase policy, at Hills Self Storage we offer all our customers a fixed price guarantee for 12 months.

In closing, the right price for a storage unit means asking yourself a set of simple questions – what is important to me and what are my needs?  Once done, matching your important requirements to the right storage provider will guarantee your storage selection is the most cost-effective option for you.