Are my belongings safe in a self storage facility?

Self Storage units and lockers are great option for storing personal goods, commercial equipment and other items, including furniture from deceased estates, paintings, electrical equipment and even cars. There are many reasons to use a self-storage unit and you do not need to worry about security if you choose a reputable self storage company.

Self Storage UnitsA storage facility is a great way to take on extra storage when you need it most and for flexible time periods. There are some great benefits of choosing a self storage company for both personal and commercial storage requirements. When you are looking to choose a storage unit check for some of these security and safety services.

Your Own Key: A reputed storage company will offer you with your very own key. This means only you can access your locker compartment to store or retrieve your belongings at any time during the 7 days of the week, day or night.

24 hour Security: Most of the Sydney self storage units will offer either a 24 hour security patrol or a 24 hour security camera service to deter thieves and monitor the lockers and units at any time day or night.

Insurance: Unfortunately no matter what the security precautions are undertaken by these storage companies, the worst can happen on occasions and you need to double check prior to storing your valuable goods that the storage units you have chosen possess required insurance cover for probable theft or loss of valuable belongings. The right self storage facility can also be flexible with you regarding the size of the unit per your specific need. For instance, some months you may need to expand up to a larger unit or shrink the storage space; alternatively you can also negotiate for a long term or short-term deal.

A reputable storage company will also assist in offering you with the little extras such as a trailer, moving boxes and delivery/ dispatch services. Find out more from the friendly, professional team at Hill’s Self Storage.