3 Tips to make the most of the space in your Self Storage Unit

Once you have selected a self storage unit, you will want to make the most of the space you have. Reputable storage facilities will have many tools to make your self storage experience easy. You can use your local self storage facility to store almost anything, from furniture, stock, materials, cars, boats, office equipment and even wine but you want to use it efficiently so you only pay for the space you need.

Here are our top 3 tips to making the most of your storage unit:-

1) Take advantage of extra services!

Many self storage facilities offer a range of extra services free. This can include Free Move In services and Free Trailer Hire. Most facilities will also provide a range trolleys to help you move into your unit. Also don’t be scared to ask self storage staff for advice when packing your unit as their experience will help make the most of your space.

2) Use the height!

A storage unit is typically just under 3 meters tall. Stacking the items to take advantage of the height may be the difference between a larger unit or fitting into a smaller unit. Make sure you stack the lighter boxes and furniture on top of the heavier boxes or items to ensure nothing gets crushed. Stand lounges on their end, get dining chairs up high out of the way, dismantle bed frames etc.

3) Use quality boxes and protection!

Using quality boxes will allow you to stack your boxes to the ceiling without crushing the boxes at the bottom of the stack. It is a very efficient use of space. Also use blankets, cardboard etc to put on or over and protect furniture so you can stack items on top.

An alternative to all this is to use a Removalist as they are also experts in stacking and packing.

Personal Self Storage Unit

Personal Self Storage Unit

Article Name
3 Tips to Make the Most of the Space in Your Self Storage Unit
Gavin Koorey
After selecting a self storage unit, you required to make the most of the space you have. Hills Self Storage will have many tools to make self storage experience easy.

3 Tips to make the most of the space in your Self Storage Unit

Gavin Koorey


Gavin Koorey

Director at Hills Self Storage
Gavin has been a Owner/Director of Hills Self Storage since they began operations in Galston in 2001.

He has been actively involved in the Hills Community over this time. He is a Director and former Chairman of Galston Financial Services, a franchise of the Bendigo & Adelaide Bank. He has been heavily involved in the Hills Hawks Football club as a Coach, Manager, Committee member and Player.

Through Hills Self Storage he has always supported many local community groups, schools and sporting groups through financial or storage space donations.

In 2013 he received the Ben Swane Business Service to Community Award from Dural Rotary Club.