How Much You Need to Pay for Wine Storage Units in Australia?

Wine storage prices

Do you have a wine collection that cannot be stored at home? Or do you want to store a variety of wines for your restaurant? Where else can you store your precious wine that has a perfect temperature setting, the right humidity levels and appropriate air or light exposure?

Well, you will find professional wine storage units across Australian states and they can store wine for the short or long-term depending on your requirements. It is understandable that your first question would be ‘How much do I need to pay?’. In this blog, we will cover the costing aspect in some detail. 

How Much Does Wine Storage Units Cost in Sydney

Locker Capacity Price per Month
8 cases $20
12 cases $28
14 cases $32
16 cases $36
24 cases $50
28 cases $50 Special*

If you are not sure what wine storage size is right for your needs, call us at Hills Self Storage on 02 8850 0770 and our wine storage specialists can help find the unit size best suited to your needs.

Ways to Store Wine & How It Can Impact Your Cost per Wine Bottle Storage?

Wine bottles need to be stored at a steady temperature of around 14°-15°C with relative humidity kept between 50% and 70%. Exposure to light should be kept to a minimum also. Keeping these vital storage aspects in mind, let’s find out how much does different storage options cost. Wine storage options vary from small to large both in size and cost.

1. Wine Refrigerators

Wine refrigerators are an obvious choice for your home. Initial investment will typically vary between $300 and $16000+. Running costs of the fridge will also need to be accounted for. They typically can store between 10 to 250 wine bottles. The vibrations of the refrigeration unit are detrimental to wine and are not the most ideal solution for wine storage.

2. Wine Caves or Home Cellars

Home cellars or wine caves are bigger storage alternatives and their one-time investment can vary from $5000 to $50,000+. Compressors and/or humidifiers that control the environmental conditions can also wear and break, and their replacement can add substantially to the ownership cost.

Moreover, you’ll have to incur ongoing expenses to operate any variant of this storage option – it includes electricity charges and occasional service call charges. Though electricity charges may seem minimal in the short term, they can shoot up substantially in the long term.

3. Off-Site Professional Wine Storage Facility

What about renting a wine locker at Hills Self Storage? An 8 case locker can hold 96 bottles of wine. At $20 per month for a single 8-case wine locker, you’ll pay $240 per year to store 96 wine bottles in top condition. That equates to just $2.50 to store each wine bottle for a year.

If 8 cases are not enough and you want to store more bottles of wine, then it ends up being even more cost-efficient for you. For instance, a 28 case wine locker can hold 336 bottles of wine. At the current special price of just $50 per month for a single 28 case wine locker, you’ll pay $600 per year to store 336 bottles of wine in an optimal environment. That means it would be just $1.79 to store each wine bottle per year.

Storing your precious wine in a professional, off-site wine storage facility like Hills Self Storage would prove cheaper because it can store your wine in the best condition, ensuring that your wine matures correctly and to its full potential.

If a wine bottle costing $55 increases in value by over 4% yearly, then the storage cost has already paid for itself. Besides, appropriate storage conditions can add significant value when establishing a wine’s worth at 10 years of age, 20 years of age and beyond. Finally, as your wine collection grows in value, you may want to consider buying added insurance to safeguard its value.


Affordable Wine Storage Solutions for Business Owners

Do you own a bar or restaurant, or are you a wine importer? Well, you may require temporary wine storage units till you sell it off, or you may need some more wine storage space to preserve your extra stock. Hills Self Storage’s large range of wine storage sizes means that you only pay for the space you need.

Short or Long Term Wine Storage Units – Up-size or Downsize As you Go!

Irrespective of your needs, Hills Self Storage is flexible. You can set up wine storage for as little or as long as you need, up-sizing or downsizing your storage space as per your changing requirements. We never compromise on quality or security, so you can rest assured that your wine will always remain in safe hands.

We Can Take Deliveries of Your Wine

We can accept delivery of your wine also, with a dedicated climate-controlled wine storage holding area, exposure of your wine will be kept to a minimum. This allows you to concentrate more on running your business and less on when the courier will arrive.

What Is a Professional Off-Site Wine Storage Facility?

  • A professional off-site wine storage facility is a fully-equipped, state-of-the-art space designed to accommodate a large quantity of wine and preserve it in the best conditions, maintaining ideal temperature humidity levels, temperature, light and air exposure.
  • It serves both private (individual) and commercial (business) wine collectors and provides an array of services in addition to wine storage.
  • Some professional wine storage facilities also offer their customers a choice to select between a private wine locker and wine storage unit.
  • There is a fixed fee.

Why Should You Use a Professional Off-Site Storage Facility to Store Your Wine Collection?

A professional offsite or external wine storage facility provides a safe space to store your wine collection under optimum storage conditions. The service is offered at a fixed monthly charge, which is more cost-efficient than building a wine cellar in your home or commercial space. There are other benefits as well that are discussed below.

If you’re a serious wine collector, then Hills Self Storage can make your life easy by handling the below aspects:


Optimal Temperature & Humidity Levels & Sensor Lighting

Hills Self Storage has a fully climate-controlled wine storage facility and employs dedicated staff to provide the best in quality service for you and your precious wine.

You are Always Kept Informed!

You are always kept informed about your wine movements. When a wine case is delivered to the facility you will receive an SMS notification, allowing you to go about your day and only come in once your wine has arrived.

Your Wine Collection is Safe at Hills Self Storage

  • Every locker is individually alarmed
  • PIN Access to the Cellar
  • 24×7 Camera Surveillance
  • Only you possess the keys
  • Sensor lighting
  • Access log saved on your account
  • PIN Access Security Gate
  • Back to base security monitoring
  • Secured with your barrel lock
  • Wine storage insurance available
  • Regular lock integrity checks performed

Wine Storage Environment at Hills Self Storage

  • Temperature Controlled
  • Regular ozone injections to prevent mould
  • Ventilated slots into all lockers
  • Humidity maintained between 50% – 80%
  • Fully insulated
  • Ongoing monitoring of conditions
  • Timber construction wine lockers
  • Carpet floors
  • Extremely clean environment

Wrapping Up

It can get complex and costly to design and build storage for a large wine collection, and without integrating proper storage conditions, in all likelihood, you will damage your wine’s taste and value, destroying your entire investment. If you are a wine lover or investor, then you cannot afford to take such a risk. And why should you take the risk in the first place when you can take advantage of high-quality wine storage services from Hills Self Storage!

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