Types of Self-Storage Units: How To Choose?


Renting a self-storage unit these days is very common because it offers people a short-term or long-term solution to their storage needs.  Renters, homeowners, small and large business owners are typical self-storage customers.  There are many different storage options available.  Choosing a unit may seem overwhelming at first, but it’s not as difficult as it may seem.  Today we’ll guide you in choosing the best type of unit for your needs and discuss some of the benefits and features unique to each type of unit.

Short-Term or Long-Term Storage Solution.

All storage facilities offer short-term and long-term storage solutions with a minimum stay of 1 month.  The most common customers need personal storage for a short period of time.  They may be renovating their home or de-cluttering in preparation for their house to be sold.  Typically, their rental period will be about 3-4 months for a small to medium storage unit with an average cost of $150 – $220 per month.

Hills Self Storage has a variety of customers that have opted for a long-term and perpetual storage solution.  These customers range from businesses – small and large – to homeowners that simply don’t have the space to store some of their treasured items.  Long-term customers also have the benefit of discounted rates on selected units.

Businesses find it beneficial to store excess furniture, supplies and documents off-site to free up office space.  Small on-line retailers that are operated out of a person’s home with limited space make use of long-term storage to help them run their business more efficiently.  Additionally, other businesses and tradespeople find it more beneficial to rent a storage unit in lieu of signing a commercial lease with a long-term commitment.  This is because self-storage facilities offer customers a month to month rental option.

Indoor or Outdoor Storage Unit.


The main difference between an indoor and outdoor storage unit is where the entry door is located.  Storage units are typically located inside a multi-level building.  Access to these units is by navigating through a hallway or set of internal stairs if your unit is located on the upper levels.  The main benefit of this type of unit is the weather will never be an issue.  You’ll never have to worry about rain or dust on a windy day when you open your door.  Also, these units are generally less expensive than outdoor and drive up units.

An outdoor or drive up unit is also located in a building with multiple units, but you can access your unit from the outside.  This type of unit offers the convenience of being able to drive right up the unit’s door.  Tradespeople find these units to be most beneficial because they can easily access their tools or supplies and quickly leave to get to their next appointment.  Moreover, if you’re a homeowner paying a removalist by the hour, the ease of access for them will certainly speed up their process and save you money on moving day.


All Hills Self Storage facilities offer indoor and outdoor unit solutions.  At our Galston centre we also offer outside open parking areas designated for boats, caravans, box trailers and cars.  Our entire property is surrounded by security fencing with most areas under camera surveillance.  With wide driveways, it makes manoeuvring and reversing into our parking bays very easy.

Climate Controlled Storage Solution.

Apart from being less expensive than outdoor units, an indoor unit also offers a degree of stability to temperature fluctuations.  This is an important consideration if you’re planning on storing electronic appliances, artwork or wood furniture that could be damaged due to extreme shifts in temperature and humidity.  Due to modern construction methods and insulation in all Hills Self Storage facilities we have many units that are not susceptible to extreme temperature shifts. 

Some storage facilities have taken temperature stability one step further.  They have implemented climate-controlled technology that monitors and maintains consistent temperature around the clock.  Our Castle Hill facility is one of the very few places that offer climate-controlled wine storage.  They offer private collectors and restaurants a safe place to store their wine until they sell them or pull them out for a celebration.

Storage Space Sizes.

Hills Self Storage offers a wide range of units from small lockers to large warehouses and everything in between across our 4 centres.  This ensures there will always be a solution to your storage needs.  Homeowners can store a few bits and pieces up to the contents of their entire 5-bedroom home.  Businesses and tradespeople can take advantage of 7m and 9m long units located on the ground floor with drive-up access.  We even have a large selection of 20-foot shipping containers to store your goods.  This option has the benefit of being less expensive than an equivalent sized unit and offers you drive-up access for convenience.

Cheap Storage Spaces.

Don’t confuse a cheap storage space with what a self-storage facility can offer.  Cheap storage spaces may sound great and cost-effective but are not always the best options.  Security features – PIN code customer access and 24hr camera surveillance – professional and knowledgeable storage consultants and even business drop-off points are benefits that are missing when someone is willing to rent you their unused garage space.  Furthermore, regular pest control and overall centre cleanliness add to the peace of mind your belongings are safe and cared for.  Hills Self Storage is always committed to giving you the most affordable storage solution and customer satisfaction.  That is why we also offer to price match a competitor on a like-for-like basis.

Which Storage Space Is Right For You?

If you need that extra bit of room in the garage or need to remove some clutter to showcase your home for an upcoming sale, we’ve got you covered.  If you’re an expanding business or a new start-up, we’ve got you covered for that as well.  If you’re needing storage in The Hills district, our team of experienced storage consultants is your go-to resource to help you make the right choice.  Hills Self Storage is a family-owned business that has been helping customers make the right choice for over 20 years.  Call us on 02 8850 0770 or visit one of our centres and speak with an experienced storage consultant.

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