The Ultimate Guide to Packing Supplies for Storage

Packing Supplies for Storage

Moving can present challenges, but it can be a manageable experience. Simplifying the process starts with determining the best way to store your belongings. So, we have created a comprehensive selection of essential packing supplies you need and revealed where to find them, which will make your move stress-free.

Packaging Boxes

  • Cardboard Boxes: Cardboard boxes are a must-have when it comes to storing or moving items. Various cardboard boxes are available, so you can choose the ones that suit your needs.
  • Packing Boxes: We have all encountered the classic packing box at some point. These versatile supplies are available in small, medium, and large sizes, which are perfect for bulky items during your move or for long-term storage.
  • Home Moving Boxes: If you are uncertain about the type and quantity of boxes needed, our home moving boxes in Sydney are a perfect choice. It includes small, medium, and large packing boxes, as well as packing paper, tape, and moving bags. With one, two, three, or four-bedroom options, preparing for your move has never been more accessible or affordable.
  • Port-a-Robes: Are you worried about keeping your clothes wrinkle-free during the move? Port-a-Robes are here to help. These specialised boxes come with a removable steel rod, allowing your garments to go directly from the Port-a-Robe to your wardrobe without any creases or damage.
  • Slider Boxes: Slider boxes are your go-to solution if you need to transport delicate items like TVs or paintings. Their long, slender design provides a secure and compact fit for narrow, fragile objects.
  • Wine Boxes & Inserts: Safe transportation of wine is a concern for wine enthusiasts. Our wine boxes and inserts are designed to handle this challenge effectively. With the capacity to hold up to 12 bottles horizontally, they provide the ultimate protection, ensuring your wine remains safe and fresh.
  • Archive Boxes: Archive boxes are the perfect packing solution for businesses with valuable paperwork or record collections. Their size is customised to fit records perfectly, making transportation and storage effortless.

Moving Bags & Covers

  • Moving Bag: Moving bags serve as an excellent packing solution for various household items. With a secure zip seal at the top, they offer a compact and safe way to store and transport your lighter and more delicate belongings.
  • Mattress Cover: Preserving your mattress’s quality during transportation and storage is crucial, and the key to achieving this is investing in a mattress cover. Mattress covers are available in single, queen, and king sizes and preserve your mattress in top condition throughout its time in storage.
  • Moving Blanket: You can also purchase protective covers, such as moving blankets, to safeguard your cherished possessions from any harm during storage and transportation.


  • Bubble Wrap Protection: Bubble wrap is a lifesaver if you’re storing or transporting fragile and valuable items. Like moving blankets, bubble wrap shields your belongings from dings and scratches. The air bubbles within the wrap provide a cushioning effect that prevents breakage in case of accidental impacts. Safeguard your delicate chinaware, glassware, and other fragile items with reliable bubble wrap protection.
  • Packing Paper: Fill the Gaps: Don’t let empty space in your boxes lead to potential damage during the move. Packing paper comes to the rescue by effectively filling those gaps. Use it to wrap fragile items, line the insides of cups, or cushion the space between goods. By reducing movement within the boxes, packing paper keeps your items securely in place, providing peace of mind during transportation and storage.
  • Padlock Security: Ensuring the safety and protection of your belongings is crucial for storage. Padlocks are an essential packing supply that guarantees the security of your storage space. With options like standard key-locked padlocks and combination locks, you can choose the level of security that suits your needs. Rest easy knowing your items are securely locked away.

Tapes & Accessories

  • Fragile Labelling Tape: The safety of your fragile items is a top concern when moving. Fragile labelling tape comes to the rescue by allowing you to accurately mark and identify the belongings that require extra care during the moving process.
  • Tape Dispenser: tape dispenser is a must-have tool for seamlessly labelling your packing supplies. Using a tape gun ensures quick and efficient taping of your boxes, ensuring they are sturdy and securely closed.
  • Essential Cutting Tool: A packing knife becomes indispensable when it’s time to unpack and unbox your belongings during a move. Carefully cutting open boxes with a packing knife ensures that your items remain undamaged during unpacking.

Where to Find the Right Supplies?

Now that you know about essential packing supplies, you might wonder where to find them. Visit Hills Self Storage’s store in person or explore a wide range of items in our web store.