Smart Storage for Small Business

Small businesses today need to be smarter, more flexible and need to facilitate growth properly to succeed. Managing growth can be difficult with cash flow issues caused by large financial outlays on stock, labour and other on-going expenses.

So even as growth comes smaller start-ups are not always able to invest in large warehouses with big rents at the drop of a hat.

Be smart about small business storage and look for an option to lease only what you need and when you need it. This way, your cash can be injected back into the business to help it grow. It is worth while looking into the option of using self storage units! Storage units aren’t just for Mum’s and Dad’s storing old furniture or collectibles. They are now becoming extremely popular for home business and small business, especially in the early stages of growth.

You are not locked into any long term lease and only pay for the space you need.

Long gone are the days of Self Storage Units located in lonely, dark industrial estates. These days’ modern self-storage units offer light, dry, secure units in all kinds of shapes, sizes and options for short or long term use.

You put your own padlock on and sometimes 24/7 access. Many Self Storage facilities will even provide free move in and trailer hire services. Some can even accept deliveries for you, and also provide other services including faxing and photocopying.

Self Storage is a great option for any small or commercial business which needs space with flexibility, affordability and availability.

Smart storage for small business means looking for options, which suit you. Self Storage is like having your own warehouse unit but without the high rents and outgoings!

Hills Self Storage provides wide range of commercial and business storage options to suit variety of businesses.

Some of our Self Storage Units are so high that customers are using pallet racking and installing mezzanine floor systems to maximise the use of their space. Great for small business particularly when utilising our free delivery handling services.

Storage Racks
storage racks being moved into a self storage unit of a small business
Pallet Storage Racks
pallet racking installed with mezzanine floor system to maximise the use of storage unit space
Storage Racks Small Business
Advantages of high self storage units