Selecting the right Self Storage Unit

Need some extra space for storage but not sure where to start? Does the thought of turning up to a self storage facility with so many sizes and options seem a little daunting and overwhelming?  Well, no need to worry as we have some great tips on choosing the correct storage unit to suit you, whatever you need to store. Here is some advice to make the process easier.

1) What are you storing?
It may seem obvious but it is very important to think about the type of items you wish to store before deciding on a storage unit or other option. Household goods will stack and pack differently to commercial goods. The quality of the goods will also need to be taken into account and whether things can be stacked on top of each other without damage. You need to think about what items you may need access too which will need to be left at the front of the space. Commercial storage customers will need to think about laying out a unit so they can get to different products without moving other stock each time they want to get to something.

2) How Long are you storing for.
Length of time can be a big contributor to the choice of storage unit option. If it is short term then convenience and access is probably the most important feature. In addition getting something a bit bigger than what you actually need can make your self storage experience quicker and easier. If it is long term storage then choosing the size that takes your goods with not too much excess space is more important. Utilising the space as best as possible by using the height and taking the time to pack can save you money over the long term on monthly costs. If you aren’t quite sure on how long you will need make sure you talk to a self storage facility that offers flexible storage terms.

3) Need Access?
You need to have an idea of how often you may need to access the goods. This is the nice thing about self storage whereas most facilities will have 7 days access and some even with 24 hour access. You also need to consider location of your space at the facility. Is it a driveway access unit, ground floor, or on a mezzanine floor, if so do they have a lift. Does this matter to you, do you need to be in and out quickly or to save a few dollars are you prepared to use a lift and be further up the back as you will be rarely coming to access your space.

4) Use Reputable Self Storage Companies
Good self storage company will have experienced staff that will be able to give you fairly accurate quotes and options over the phone. Some will even come out to your home or business to look at what you have and give you some options. Alternatively, many Self Storage websites have space estimators and visualizers for you to work out how much space you need. And finally, it is always good to call into the facility you are considering so you can be shown the various options and see the quality of the self-storage facility for yourself.

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