How Much Will An External Car Storage Cost?

How Much Will An External Car Storage Cost

Are you exploring the option of car storage at an external self-storage facility in Sydney? Hills Self Storage offers car storage at two locations, viz. Galston and Rouse Hill at cost-effective prices. You’ll get free first-month insurance when you choose Hills Self Storage for your car storage.

So let’s address the original question: What will it cost to use an external car storage unit in Sydney?

Vital Factors Influencing The Cost of Storing Your Car at Storage Units

The three vital factors influencing the cost of storing your car at an external car storage facility are location, time duration and space.


Location plays a vital role in car storage costs. For instance, car storage in a small town or remotest suburb will cost you less compared to a big city or metropolitan. And you may also get some additional features along with your car storage in a small town at a low-end cost.

Time Duration: 

Depending on how long you want to use external car storage will also influence how much you will end up paying. For instance, storing your car for a short period will cost you less. Accordingly, storing your car for a longer duration will cost you more.

Some car storage facilities may give you a discount when you store your car for a set number of months or pay in advance for a set time. Other storage facilities might charge you the same irrespective of the duration you use their car storage and whether you pay in advance for specific months or pay by the month.


If you hire a more extensive car storage space to store something else with your car, it will also add up to the cost.

Benefits of an External Car Storage

  • Your car rests in a secure location.
  • It lowers the risk of damage.
  • The car storage facility is under constant camera surveillance.
  • You can avail of long or short-term car storage.
  • In car warehouse storage, you’ll get car covers free of cost.

Here are the possible scenarios where you’ll want to use a car storage facility for storing your treasured car:

  • Going on a Vacation: You should keep your car in a secure storage space when you’re vacationing.
  • Addition of a New Car: You may have recently bought a new car, and your property may not have enough space to store your old and new car, so you can hire external car storage to store one of your cars.
  • Classic Car: If you own a classic car but have no space to park it securely around your home. In such a case, you may hire an external car storage space to store your classic car.

Hills Self Storage in Sydney provides the following car storage options across our self-storage facilities:

Car Storage with Driveway Access

Driveway-accessible car storage is a premium space that provides the convenience of drive-up access. You’ll get 24/7 access at our Rouse Hill location and 5 am to 10 pm at our Galston location.

All our car storage spaces are individually alarmed. Access to the sites is through a PIN code, and all our car storage sites are under 24/7 camera surveillance to guarantee your vehicle’s security.

Secure External Parking Storage

Do you require a space to park your car, Ute, SUV or mini truck? At Hills Self Storage, external unprotected parking spaces are available within our secure yards at Galston and Rouse Hill facilities. You’ll get access seven days a week through a pin security gate. And for access times, you’ll get 24/7 access at our Rouse Hill location and between 5 am and 10 pm access at our Galston location.

Car Warehouse Storage

If you drive your car occasionally, you can choose our enclosed car warehouse at our Galston facility. We also supply and fit covers for each vehicle in our car warehouse storage. Car warehouse storage gets back to base monitoring and remains under constant camera surveillance. Furthermore, this storage option gets a trickle charger fitted to prevent the car batteries from losing enough charge and keeping them in good working condition.

Shipping Container Storage

Our refurbished, weatherproof shipping containers will comfortably fit cars. To make driving the car in and out of the container effortless, we have a container ramp in place. And they are protected with your padlock, and you’ll keep the keys.

Final Words

The cost of hiring external car storage space will depend on the space you select. Car storage price varies between locations and the type of storage selected. Choose the car storage that serves your purpose well and is within your budget. If you require assistance, please get in touch with Hills Self Storage at 02 8850 0770, and our friendly staff will be delighted to help you.