Hills Self Storage Donates over $30,000 in Self Storage Space Rental Per Annum

Hills Self Storage Support local Community

We have been donating either free or heavily discounted self storage space to local sporting groups and community organisations since we began in 2001. We have just crunched some numbers at that totals up to over $30,000.00 per annum that the community does not have to pay for storage space elsewhere.  To put things in perspective a small industrial unit in a business park would start at around this price and we are giving it away. Divided into little compartments of course and secured with their own padlock members of these groups can come and go as they like to put things in and take things out.

Many of these organisations have come to us after their members are just tired of donating their own personal garage space and parking their cars on the street. In addition they do not have the security risk or responsibility anymore when it is all securely stored up at one of the Hills Self Storage facilities. Management of who has access to that groups self storage unit is also under better control. In addition to the person need access having a key they also need a PIN number to get through the gate which when activated is recorded on our security software. So keeping stock of inventory has become so much easier when using a self storage unit at our Galston, Castle Hill facilities.

Just some of the groups that we support include:

  • Hills Hawks Football club
  • Galston Public School
  • Galston Netball Club
  • Cherrybrook Netball Club
  • Hills Eagles AFL Club
  • North West Sydney Hurricanes District Cricket Club
  • Foster Care Angels
  • Glenorie Cricket Club
  • Northwest Disability Services