Tips to Store Business Documents Securely

Tips to Store Business Documents Securely [Infographic]
It is vital that businesses should back up their important documents in hard copies so that in case of electronic data loss, they have nothing to worry.

Important Business Documents Can Include the Following:

  • Records that confirm all your business transactions
  • Accounting records and bank statements
  • Legal and corporate records
  • Records pertaining to attendance & leaves and medical compensation of the employees

Why You Should Use a Self-Storage Facility for Storing Business Documents

  • It will enable you to use your office space for other essential work.
  • Your documents remain secure and protected in a self-storage facility.
  • A self-storage facility has 24-hour camera surveillance.
  • Ongoing pest control is carried out in a self-storage facility to protect your documents from damage.
  • Self-storage buildings and units are alarmed and monitored, which protects your documents from theft.
  • Self-storage units are fully enclosed.
  • They have security fencing and excellent lighting.
  • They’re properly ventilated and insulated buildings.
  • They undertake regular cleaning – i.e. buildings are maintained, clean and neat.

The Right Method for Storing Documents in a Self-Storage Facility

  • You should select the right type of box for storing your documents.
  • You should store essential documents that you would require access to often at the front of the unit.
  • All documents that you store should be totally dry before storing so that it doesn’t damage other items in the unit.
  • It is recommended to store your boxes on shelving, this way your boxes will not be crushed and easily accessed. It is also a good idea to store cartons on pallets.
  • Arrange your boxes by document type and year.
  • Neatly label your boxes with the document type, dates and department name.
  • You need to maintain a record of stored documents with date, the name of the department, type of documents stored and the location where the documents are stored.
  • It is recommended to secure your unit with a quality lock and to keep the keys in a safe place with an authorised person.
  • Restrict access to your storage unit by determining an appropriate procedure that needs to be followed for accessing the unit by anyone.
  • If possible choose a self-storage facility that is situated near your office, which will facilitate easy accessibility.
  • Select the right unit size for storing your business documents.

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Article Name
Tips to Store Business Documents Securely
Gavin Koorey
When your business expands you might need extra storage for your inventory and important business documents. Self storage is a great solution for all types and sizes of business.

Tips to Store Business Documents Securely

Gavin Koorey


Gavin Koorey

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