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Safety, security, flexibility all in one

Have you spent weeks or weekends away in your caravan? Travelling up and down the coast or out to the country and bush to escape? Those memories are still top of mind but your heart sinks a little every time you step out onto the front lawn to see you caravan parked up on the


It is all about storing your precious wines

Now is the perfect time to think about stocking up your wine collection ready for the festive season. If you start now then by Christmas time you will have an array of fine wines and sparkling champagne without spending a fortune or battling the retailers in peak period. Its also a great idea to collect


Traditional self storage v’s mobile self storage

Yes, at Hills Self Storage we offer traditional self storage and so one would think that we would naturally be biased towards it. But the fact of the matter is that both traditional self storage and mobile storage both have their place in todays market place. Both offer different levels of convenience and price. In